Is it time to sell your home?

deciding to sell your home

So you’re asking yourself, “Should I stay or should I go?” as the song by Clash goes. In this case, deciding whether it’s time to sell your home is a major decision that requires consideration of all the options. Maybe you don’t have much of a choice because of a job offer and relocation or a new addition to the family requiring more space, but if you’re not sure, it’s probably a good idea to meet with experienced and trusted Realtor to clarify your options so you can make the right decision. An experienced real estate agent can advise you when is the best time to put your South Shore MA home on the market and clearly explain the home sale process so you can plan accordingly.

Having clarity around your goals when deciding whether it’s time to sell your home

deciding to sell your homeWhy do you want to sell your South Shore home? Do you intend to find a larger residence, downsize because you’re an empty-nester? Do you want a home or condominium in a new development or one that overlooks the ocean or golf course? Maybe you just want a lifestyle more suited for you and your  family. You might think your reasons to sell are obvious, but it’s important to give consideration to the implications of each option including your lifestyle, opportunities, and finances.  Having clarity around your motivation for selling your South Shore home will help your Realtor determine the most appropriate option for your unique financial, lifestyle, and personal goals.

After deciding whether it’s time to sell your home, when should you list it for sale? 

deciding to sell your homeWith the help of an experienced real estate agent, I can help you establish your time frame for selling your South Shore MA home.  Keep in mind that if you need to sell quickly, the strategy will likely be different, but still successful. As your personal real estate advisor, I will provide you with a comprehensive market analysis, marketing and strategic action plan to attain your goals.  If there is no pressing need to sell, I can thoroughly review the current market conditions and trends with you and collaborate on the most favorable time to list and sell your property, especially if you need time to prepare, clean out, de-clutter, make improvements and updates as well as stage the home for sale.

Understanding the current market conditions can help when deciding to sell your South Shore MA home  

deciding to sell your home

Today’s real estate market is constantly changing week to week, month to month. As your trusted and experienced real estate agent, I will keep you abreast of how these changes may affect the value of your property. When you work with me and William Raveis Real Estate, you can be assured that you will have our years of combined knowledge, expertise and skills at work for you. I will keep you up-to-date on what is happening in the marketplace, pricing trends, and how competing properties are faring. When you hire me and William Raveis Real Estate, you will always know exactly what is happening in the market and where you and your property stands everyday.

deciding to sell your homeFinancial considerations of selling your South Shore home 

Deciding to sell your South Shore home requires serious consideration and a thorough understanding of your current financial situation. With the help of an experienced real estate agent, you will be able to effectively assess the cumulative impact of these considerations and decisions, estimate potential proceeds of selling your property, and plan effective tax savings and estate planning strategies.

If you have been in your house for a number of years, or you’re considering a lifestyle change due to being empty nesters, you may want to consider selling it so that you can capture the equity. When you sell your South Shore home after living in it for at least five years, you are going to be able to claim a $250,000 tax exemption (if single) or $500,000 tax exemption (if married) on any capital gain after you deduct your cost basis plus improvements you’ve made to the home.

Many people refinance or take out a home-equity loan in order to gain access to the equity in their homes either to make improvements or sometimes even to pay for their child’s college tuition. However, you have to pay that money back. Some people sell their homes because they can no longer afford the high mortgage payment or taxes. By selling your house, you will be able to get out of your high mortgage payment and potentially get a lower one. You can use the equity from the sale of your home to make a larger down payment on a smaller property that is going to provide you with a smaller mortgage payment reducing your monthly overhead. This may give you a lot more flexibility in your monthly budget and do more things you want with your income, especially if you are entering your retirement years.

If you are in the process of deciding to sell your property, contact me so I can offer you my expertise and 20+ years in the real estate industry. All discussions will remain confidential. I will try and help guide you through your questions and concerns and provide some valuable advice based on your specific situation. You can reach me, Realtor George Jamieson at Coldwell Banker Realty at 617-877-4839 or email George at