Home Sellers

As most home sellers and real estate agents will attest, buyers usually never walk through the door with a bag of cash and pay you your asking price. Sometimes it happens, but it’s not the majority of transactions. But, depending on the pricing strategy, a buyer might actually offer you more than the asking price. Home sellers, in collaboration with their experienced real estate agent can create a strategic plan that will help attain the highest price for the home in the shortest amount of time. Your real estate agent, representing you the seller exclusively, will create an in-depth marketing plan so your home receives the maximum exposure to every buyer in the marketplace looking for a home like yours.

When selling your home, there are no guarantees that a buyer will simply walk through the front door and pay you your price, but making sure your home looks great and the price is right is a good start

The appearance of your home, and the buyer’s first impression can significantly affect the asking price versus the ultimate sale price of your home. Your expert local agent will work with you to help get your home ready to market and suggest any improvements that will either enhance the value or secure it. It is also important to consider comparable home prices in your neighborhood and the specific factors that differentiate your home from others that have sold or are currently on the market. In most cases, your real estate agent has to bring your home to the buyer, meaning, effective pinpoint marketing targeted to the right buyers will help ensure that your home is sold fast and at the highest possible price. You will want to have a lengthy discussion with your prospective agent about what their exact plan is in terms of marketing and advertising exposure to ensure that your home receives the maximum interest.

As a consumer, you have many choices when it comes to choosing a real estate agent to represent you

Home sellersIf home sellers want to get the highest price for their home and have it sold in the shortest amount of time, they need to work with the right agent who can ensure this will happen. And if you are looking to work with a professional, ethical and proactive real estate agent affiliated with one of the most reputable real estate brokerages on the South Shore and in New England, trusted Realtor George Jamieson of Coldwell Banker Realty, the #1 real estate company in America for 23 years. George will earn your business and will strive to give you the peace of mind you deserve during the entire selling process as this may be one of the largest financial decisions you make in your lifetime. Having the most experienced and skilled negotiator at a home sellers side could mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars. As your agent, George will guide you through the entire sale process from start to finish and make you feel at ease knowing all the bases are covered and you are in the best of hands.

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