Home Buyer

In today’s competitive real estate market, South Shore home buyers need an experienced local Realtor who will provide them with the maximum return, client-tailored personal service and peace of mind. Having me as your local and trusted South Shore Realtor and buyer’s agent has major advantages. Most importantly, I treat each client individually, listen to your specific needs and achieve the results you expect.

Home Buyers

Providing South Shore home buyers with experienced local knowledge is critical in today’s competitive real estate market

Home Buyers Exclusive Agent

Buyer Agency is a comprehensive real estate specialty, both in scope and level of services provided to home buyers. As a Realtor, my South Shore home buyers are exclusive clients that receive the following services:

  • 100% representation with allegiance to you the buyer;
  • Agent has no vested interest in any property for sale that you are pursuing;
  • You, the buyer client receive an impartial, objective, professional and unbiased property value analysis based of the property you are contemplating buying or making an offer on;
  • You, the buyer client receive the services of a trained and expert negotiator in your best interest to secure the most favorable price and terms on the home you are buying;
  • Agent shall protect the home buyer’s financial interests and suggest all necessary inspections, financing and other contingency terms and dates are included in your purchase offer;
  • Agent shall advise you, the buyer client, to avoid costly mistakes and in some cases suggest reasons not to buy;
  • Agent shall monitor the entire transaction from start to finish and work closely with buyer client;
  • Agent shall schedule and accompany the buyer to the final walk-thru of the property prior to closing;

home buyersWorking exclusively on behalf of South Shore home buyers as exclusive clients, I owe them specific legal obligations known as ‘fiduciary duties’. These legal duties to the buyer client are listed below and expressed by the acronym:

‘O L D C A R’, which stands for the following:

  • Obedience – must follow all lawful instructions given by the buyer client;
  • Loyalty (undivided) – must be 100% loyal to the buyer client;
  • Disclosure – must disclose to the buyer client all known material facts about a property and share any knowledge about the seller;
  • Confidentiality – must not disclose any of the buyer client’s personal or financial information to sellers or their agent;
  • Accountability – must be accountable for all transaction related paperwork and buyer monies;
  • Reasonable Care and Due Diligence – in the performance of services to buyer client.

If you need an experienced local South Shore Realtor and would like to be represented exclusively by a buyer’s agent in the purchase of your first home or next home, please call Realtor George Jamieson at 617-877-4839 or email him at George.jamieson@cbrealty.com